Finding ‘The One’

No….We arent referring to your soulmate, we mean ‘The Gown’
Here are a few tips to bear in mind when beginning your search.

– Our studio is appointment only, so booking in advance is highly recommended.
– We feel that 2 x 1 hour appointments should give you plenty of time to decide on your gown( the initial appointment and the decider appointment) If you would like an additional appointment, there is a €30.00 charge.
– We provide a late night appointment 1 evening per week. Please ask for details.
– If you arrive early, you can take advantage of our glorious countryside and picturesque and instagram worthy thatch cottage next door.
– We recommend bringing 2-3 people max with you and only your most trusted advisors (mum and best friend). Sometimes it can be hard to form a true opinion if there are so many different tastes in style giving their imput.
– Bring some heels and wear underwear that will provide great structure beneath the gowns.
– We ask that you also refrain from wearing fake tan or heavy makeup.
– When choosing which studios to visit, do your research on the styles stocked in each and only visit 3/4 showrooms. Too many choices can start to confuse after a while.
– Make the initial appointments at least a year prior to the Big Day.
– Aim to have booked your gown 9 months before.
– If you had a short engagement, Rush orders are available, and will incur a surcharge, but we like to avoid this where possible.
– We do not allow the use of cameras instore. Phone cameras do not provide the best images of you in your gown and may cause you to question your choice unnecessarily. We can provide you with an image.
– Most importantly….Have fun and enjoy the experience.